The College is increasing some registration fees for 2018-19.

Value of regulation
Professional regulation assures the public that a optician is competent, ethical, practices to high standards, and is accountable. The title “optician” is protected for use only by registrants of the College. It is important for the public to be able to identify competent and registered professionals and for the public to have confidence that they will receive safe quality vision care.

Fee increase history & new amount
The last time the College raised fees was in 2012. Since that time, inflation and the cost of regulation has increased. Professional regulation is undergoing major changes as regulators are working to modernize regulation to be more effective at public safety. For example, the College is developing new tools and approaches to support health professionals in their continuous quality improvement journey. For more information on what the College is working on, click here.

2018 renewal fee change summary:

Registration Status Total 2018-2019 Fees Total 2012-2017 Fees
Optician $460.00 $420.00
Contact lens fitter $510.00 $472.50
Student contact lens fitter $175.00 $183.75
Non-practicing $255.00 $236.25
Automated refracting $50.00 $0