Criminal Record Check Requirements

According to the Criminal Records Review Act, professionals "working with children directly of having or potentially having unsupervised access to children in the ordinary course of employment or in the practice of an occupation" are required by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General (MPSSG) to undergo a criminal record check every five years.  This includes all registrants of the College of Opticians of British Columbia (COBC), as well as other health professionals.

If you have been contacted to complete a Criminal Record Re-Check this year:

Please follow the link to go directly to the Ministry of Justice website where you can complete the criminal record check electronically.  You must then enter our Access Code DG5TSET57V and choose Request a New Criminal Record Check to begin the process. Please refer to the step-by-step walk through guide provided by the Ministry of Justice and you can call the Ministry of Justice toll free at 1-855-587-0185 with questions.

If you try and cannot complete the Criminal Record Check online, the system has failed to verify your identity electronically and you will be asked to complete the manual process.  Please print out the form provided by the online system, sign it, and send it by email or fax to the College of Opticians of BC with a copy of 2 pieces of government issued photo ID.  Our email is and our fax number is 604-278-7594.  We will verify your ID, sign the form, and return it to you, along with a payment form. When this is all complete, you can submit everything by faxing the Ministry of Justice directly at 1-250-356-1889.

Please note: If you have recently submitted an application for a Criminal Record Check and you have received a letter from the Ministry of Justice Criminal Records Review office, please follow the instructions in the letter provided. Your application cannot be completed until you finish all parts of the process. Any questions about additional steps can be directed to 1-855-587-0185.

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