There are 3 different eyecare professionals that you should know about.

Who are Opticians?
Health professionals who dispense vision appliances by assessing information contained in prescriptions, contact lens records, and assessment records. They conduct automated refractions on the request of optometrists and physicians. Within certain limitations, they assess visual acuity by conducting independent automated refractions. They promote eye health and proper use of vision appliances.

Who are Optometrists?
Health professionals trained to assess the eye and visual system, sensory and ocular motor disorders, and dysfunctions of the eye and the visual system, and diagnose refractive disorders. An Optometrist prescribes and dispenses corrective devices. 

Who are Ophthalmologists? 
Are medical doctors who specialize in eye and vision care, diagnosis and the treatment of eye disease and provide eye exams, prescribe corrective lenses, prescribe and administer medication, and perform surgery.

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