Committees are integral to the work of the COBC, as they provide guidance and direction in the different areas that COBC is mandated to focus on. Committee members are Licensed Opticians or members of the public who are passionate about the profession and want to ensure safe and effective vision care to the public. All committee members are appointed by application to the Board for a three-year term and can be renewed once.

Any committee openings are posted on the Volunteers page of this website.

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee is committed to serving the public through upholding registration standards that support quality care, competence, and professionalism. The committee sets policy to ensure each applicant is qualified to practice opticianry in the province according to provincially and nationally recognized standards. Based on this policy, the committee assesses applications for registration, reinstatement, and changes of status.

Barbara Larkin, ChairPublic Representative
Clara Tam, Vice-ChairRegistrant
Laila NoorieRegistrant
Crystal PollardRegistrant
Paul ChoiPublic Representative

Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Committee develops and evaluates the quality assurance program for the COBC, which is the Continuing Competency Program (CCP), launched in 2018. The committee also develops and recommends policies and programs to the Board to maintain the safe and competent practice of registrants.

Martin Semaniuk, ChairRegistrant
Janine Santiago, Vice-ChairRegistrant
Avin KishoreRegistrant
Clara TamRegistrant
Susan BirgePublic Representative

Inquiry Committee

The Inquiry Committee accepts, investigates and resolves or otherwise disposes of complaints against registrants in accordance with the Health Professions Act. COBC receives complaints from members of the public, health professionals, and others. The committee evaluates all complaints and may direct a citation (formal notice of a hearing that lists the allegations) when the investigation of a complaint identifies a
serious problem, or when the complaint cannot be resolved through alternative dispute mechanisms or remediation.

Kim Kerwin, Chair Registrant
Maria Surdu, Vice-Chair Registrant
Kim McEachern Registrant
Gary Corner Registrant
Peter Luongo Public Representative
Piotr Majkowski Public Representative
John Meneghello Public Representative

Patient Relations Committee

The Patient Relations Committee works to improve interactions between registrants and health care consumers. COBC serves the public interest through this committee by providing additional resources to registrants, including tools, guidelines, and support on vital topics, such as professional boundaries,
effective communication and cultural sensitivity.

Sue Randhawa, ChairRegistrant
Crystal Pollard, Vice-ChairRegistrant
Karl ChuaRegistrant
Paul ChoiPublic Representative
Susan BirgePublic Representative
Pam SaeidiRegistrant

Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee holds hearings regarding the conduct or competence of a registrant, when a complaint to the COBC cannot be resolved through alternative dispute mechanisms or remediation. Panels of the Discipline Committee conduct hearings, make findings, determine appropriate penalties if the findings are adverse, and issue written reasons for decisions.

Stephanie Weir, ChairRegistrant
Roland MitchellPublic Representative
Erik BucanegRegistrant
Marty SemaniukRegistrant
Alan ChengRegistrant
Dorothy BarkleyPublic Representative
Lorenzo MartinelliRegistrant