Research Initiatives

From time to time, the College of Opticians of British Columbia (COBC) partners with third parties to complete research initiatives. Research experts may collect aggregate data and feedback from registrants on COBC’s behalf. These experts are utilized to help us:

  1. Build great questions
  2. Interpret data
  3. Report on data

Research initiatives help COBC to make meaningful changes to our programs and the way we regulate opticians in BC. They help us understand what support registrants might need from us or other organizations.

Why do we share your contact information?
COBC shares contact information with third-party researchers to help keep your feedback anonymous. Once research is complete, COBC only receives anonymized reports on the data, unless otherwise specified. Third-party researchers, contractors, and vendors are bound by the same rules and legislation as COBC when it comes to protecting your personal information, including the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

If you have consented to information sharing, we may share your name, preferred email address, and phone number with our research partners. If you are selected to receive a survey from one of these researchers, you will find more information about the project and the data collection in the researcher’s communications.

Is participation in research initiatives mandatory?
Research initiatives are 100% voluntary, and you may opt out at any time.

You can manage your consent preferences in your online profile.

What research is COBC conducting?
We are currently conducting research initiatives related to the following COBC programs/functions:
• Complaints and inquiry
• Standards of Practice