Volunteer with the College
The College always welcomes people who would like to get involved in health regulation in British Columbia. Please get in touch with us via email if you are interested in volunteering.
Examiners help to ensure fairness and high standards at the national entry-to-practice examinations. Models and examiners are remunerated on an hourly basis.
Profile of an Examiner:
  • An examiner must be registered as an optician for a minimum of three years.
  • An examiner must be currently practicing and fluent in the subject they are examining.
  • An examiner must not be currently teaching in an opticianry program.
  • An examiner must not have been found to have committed an act of professional misconduct.
  • An examiner must not have a finding of professional misconduct for sexual abuse against them.
  • The examiners certificate of registration must not have been revoked or suspended in the six years preceding the date of the exam.
  • Examiners of the Optical Sciences 2 – Advanced Practice Contact Lens examination must be registered with their provincial regulatory board to dispense contact lenses.
  • An examiners certificate of registration must not be subject to a term, condition, or limitation other than one prescribed by regulation.
  • An examiner must be current with respect to their provincial continuing education requirements.
POTENTIAL FUTURE POSITIONS: (Apply now to join the pool)
The Patient Relations Program aims to improve the relationship between the opticians and the patients.
The Ambassadors will be peer advisors who provide other opticians support on practice issues like patient interactions, communications strategy, conflict resolution and patient understanding of opticianry. Training will be provided to all Ambassadors to prepare them for this role, along with ongoing support from the College. This position offers a flexible time commitment, as work depends on opticians who require advice and can be done, mainly through the phone or email.
Time Commitment: 20 hours, completed throughout a year.
Position Duration: 1 year minimum.
Skills and Attributes Required:
  • Experienced optician and/or contact lens fitter
  • Strong communication skills
  • Positive attitude and professional demeanor
  • Interest in mentorship and peer networks
  • Passion for opticianry and commitment to patient care

Benefits of the Position:

  • Training provided for communication, personal branding, conflict resolution, professional boundaries, standards of practice, and mentorship.
  • Can be used toward your continuing education requirements.
Licensed Opticians who are interested in contributing to the governance of Opticianry in B.C. are invited to run in the Board elections. Licensed Opticians who are nominated for election have the opportunity to make a difference through regulating the practice of optician ensuring BC opticians continue to help the public achieve better vision. Those who have the knowledge and expertise to help the Board make important decisions or initiate action on opticianry issues are highly encouraged to become involved with the College as a Board member.
Committee members are Licensed Opticians or members of the public who are passionate about the profession and want to ensure safe and effective vision care to the public. Committees are integral to the work of the COBC. Join one of five committees: registration, inquiry, quality assurance, discipline, and patient relations.
All Committees are currently filled with volunteers, but the College is interested in all members who have a passion for the College’s work in regulating the profession in the public interest. When Committee positions become available, potential Committee members will be contacted.
The College is committed to educating the public on safe vision care and the role and services of Licensed Opticians. The College’s vision is to be recognized and valued as a progressive accessible organization that ensures the public’s right to quality vision care while providing accountable leadership in the self regulation of Licensed Opticians. Community outreach events occur throughout the year. Check the events page for announcement of upcoming events.