Optional Indigenous self-identification

Beginning in February 2023, COBC registrants and applicants will have the option to self-identify as Indigenous and also indicate whether they would be interested in being contacted by COBC about opportunities to provide their perspectives on regulatory issues related to Indigenous Cultural Safety & Humility.

‘Illumination’ by Margaret August

COBC is honoured to present ‘Illumination’ by Coast Salish visual artist Margaret August. This powerful Coast Salish visual art in the form of an owl represents many teachings from ancestors and the Shíshálh Nation, while also telling a story about the decolonization of the COBC complaints system.

New Standards of Practice

COBC is pleased to share the new Standards of Practice for BC opticians! These standards are enforced as of June 1, 2022. Standards of Practice Over the coming months, we will be showcasing a standard each month in our newsletter. We will provide case studies and scenarios to demonstrate how that standard might be operationalized in a real-life practice environment, and how grey …