The College of Opticians of B.C (COBC) may be able to assist you if you encounter any concerns with the care that you received from your optician.

If you have a concern you can contact COBC to discuss the issue. COBC staff can answer questions related to your concern and help determine what options are available to you to resolve your concern. There are some concerns COBC cannot address, and staff may recommend you seek assistance from another organization such as the Better Business Bureau.

Some examples of concerns that COBC may be able to assist with are:

  • You can’t see out of your brand new eyeglasses, and the optician has not offered or helped you find any solutions.
  • The lenses in your brand new eyeglasses do not match what is written in your prescription.
  • You experienced issues with having your insurance billed for services you did not receive.
  • Your contact lenses aren’t working as expected (they irritate your eyes, fall out, or are blurry), and your optician has not offered or helped you find any solutions.
  • Your optician will not release your record to you, or another health care provider.
  • You received an independent automated refraction (sight-test) from an optician while you are under 19, over 65, or have a history of, or a diagnosed eye condition.
  • You received an independent automated refraction (sight-test) from an optician and you are not satisfied with the eyeglasses, or contact lenses that were produced (e.g., your vision is blurry).
  • Someone is referring to themselves as an “optician” or “contact lens fitter” but you don’t think they have a license.

How can COBC help resolve concerns?

  • Staff can assist you in understanding your rights, and what the expected level of care from an optician is.
  • COBC can promote mediation between you and the optician.
  • Utilizing the complaints process to evaluate if the services you received meet the standards of care required for opticians in B.C.

Some example concerns that COBC cannot assist with are:

  • You do not believe the warranty on your eyewear covers a long enough time period.
  • You want a refund on the products due to a non health related reason (e.g., not satisfied with the frame colour or style).
  • Your optician refused you service without a mask and/or vaccine for COVID-19.

COBC cannot address business related concerns, nor can it address concerns about a store or chain company. Concerns of a business nature can be brought up with the Better Business Bureau or addressed through Small Claims Court.

COBC sets standards and guidelines for what opticians are required to do. Some opticians may work in locations that have additional business policies. COBC cannot enforce, or comment on an optician’s business policies unless that policy contradicts one of our standards, or the regulations for the profession. For example, an optician cannot have a business policy stating they do not release assessment records or contact lens records. An optician can have a policy around refunds, exchanges, and warranties. All policies related to financial transactions should be discussed with you prior to purchase.

If you are unsure if COBC can help you with your concern, you can contact us to talk about it. Our concerns and complaints department are available by phone, text, or email. You can also set up a time to have a Zoom or FaceTime call. Contact COBC’s concerns and complaints staff at or 604-240-6620.