Current Fees

Annual licensing fees
Practicing optician$625.00
Practicing optician and contact lens fitter$650.00
Add: Certification to perform independent automated refractions$50.00
Non-practicing (all designations)$275.00

Late renewal fees
Practicing registrant$200.00
Non-practicing registrant$96.25

Application fees
Application for licensure $225.00
Document assessment$225.00

Reinstatement fees
Reinstatement of licensure $225.00
Reinstatement assessment
Core skills & eyeglasses$100.00
Core skills, eyeglasses & contact lenses$150.00
Core skills & automated refracting$150.00
Core skills, eyeglasses, contact lenses & automated refracting$200.00

Other fees
Annual report (printed hard copy)$20.00
Replacement/duplicate certificate of registration$35.00