Discover our New Continuing Competency Program

We’ve been working over the past few years on developing a new continuing competency program (CCP) to provide you the tools to plan and focus your professional growth and learning goals. The new CCP will help you continue to be a competent professional by: 
Finding out which competencies you exceed in, meet expectations in, or require development in;
Creating a learning plan for development to focus your professional development; and 
Providing the opportunity for professional growth reflection. 
At the start of each continuing competency cycle, you will complete an online assessment that is based on national competencies for Canadian Opticians. This online assessment will generate a competency profile that will list your strong competencies and areas of development. Having a competency profile will help you identify what you need to work on and help direct you to the appropriate activities to work on your areas that need development. 
Once you complete development in the core optician competencies, you can move onto working on developing advanced areas of practice. You will be recognized for those advanced areas of practice, for example specializing in low vision. 
As an optician, the new CCP will provide you the data you need to focus and plan your professional progress. In addition, it will assure the public that you’re staying competent throughout the length of your career. 
Stay tuned, over the next few months as we will be announcing more exciting details about the program and program implementation. We’re also excited to announce that you will be able to manage your continuing competency online through your registrant profile. We will also be providing support for you during this important transition