Accredited graduates

Graduates from accredited Canadian opticianry programs 
After completing an accredited program, a graduate may apply to write the National Optical Sciences Examination(s), administered by NACOR. The National Optical Sciences 1 – Eyeglasses Examination is mandatory for licensure as an optician. The National Optical Sciences 2 – Advanced Practice Contact Lens Examination is required for those who also wish to be licensed to fit contact lenses.
Upon passing the applicable exam(s), they may apply for registration with COBC by completing and submitting all components of the Supplemental Package for Registration.
Graduates must complete their examination(s) and apply for registration with COBC within three years of their graduation date.

NOTE: An individual who has graduated from an accredited opticianry education program is not automatically an optician. An individual who has passed the National Optical Sciences Examination(s) is not automatically an optician. Only those individuals who are registered with COBC can use the title of “optician” in BC.