Non-accredited graduates & international applicants

Non-accredited graduates & international applicants
All registration applicants must meet the requirements set out in the College Bylaws. Canadian and international applicants who did not graduate from an accredited program or who are not currently registered in good standing with another Canadian Licensed Optician regulator may apply through the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process.
This process is designed to assess an applicant’s knowledge, skills, experience, and abilities through a series of assessments. Results from the assessments will be reviewed by the Registration Committee, who will determine whether the applicant requires further training (educational “bridging”) or is ready to challenge the national licensing examination. 
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Steps for registration
  1. Contact NACOR to apply for and complete PLAR.
  2. Based on the decision of the Registration Committee, either:
       a) Complete bridging modules, or
       b) Proceed directly to Step 3 below.
  3. Successfully complete the national licensing examination.
  4. Complete all registration requirements detailed in COBC’s Supplemental Package for Registration.