Should a registrant decide not to renew their registration, they will receive an official notice of suspension.
If an online registration application, required documents, and full payment is not received within 14 days of the suspension notice being issued, the registrant’s license will be suspended. Suspended registrants MUST return their certificates to the College.
To reinstate a suspended licence within three years of the date of suspension, a former registrant must submit a reinstatement application and applicable fees, and must be up to date on their criminal record check and continuing education requirements.
If more than three years have passed since the date of suspension, the reinstatement applicant must go through an additional assessment process to determine whether their skills and knowledge still meet the entry-to-practice standards for BC opticians. The assessment can be completed online with the virtual supervision of a member of the COBC team. The cost of the assessment depends on the applicant’s licence designation; updated fees can be found here.
The results of the assessment will be used to determine the appropriate next steps for the applicant’s to return to practice. They may be eligible to return to practice immediately, or they may need to complete additional coursework to address competency concerns identified in the review process.
All reinstatement applicants must submit a reinstatement application and pay applicable licensing and reinstatement fees through their online account. Once reinstated, they will be placed on a new three-year Continuing Competency Program (CCP) cycle to continue their learning.