Should a registrant decide not to renew their registration, they will receive an official notice of suspension.
If an online registration application, required documents, and full payment is not received within 14 days of the suspension notice being issued, the registrant’s license will be suspended. All suspended registrants MUST return their certificates to the College.
Members have three years from the date of their suspension in which to reinstate their license without review.
After three years, the reinstatement application must go through an additional review process to determine if they’ve maintained the skill level and knowledge required to meet opticianry standards. Applicants will need to complete a multiple choice assessment based on the national competencies required; there is an assessment fee of $300 per discipline.
The results of the assessment will be provided to the Registration Committee along with all application materials for consideration. The Registration Committee will review each applicant to determine the best steps to return to practice. 
Applicants may be returned directly to practicing status, or complete additional coursework to address competency concerns identified in the review process.
Those who wish to reinstate with the College must complete Reinstatement Application. Contact us to get one! 
Fees for reinstatement and assessment will be charged before the application is approved. Once a reinstatement application has been approved, the applicant can pay the appropriate registration fee.
If an application is approved, the College will return the registrant’s certificate along with a confirmation letter and official income tax receipt.
The newly reinstated Licensed Optician will continue to follow their original three-year Mandatory Continuing Education credit cycle, based on the date they were first registered with the College of Opticians.