Training and education

In BC, the titles “optician,” “dispensing optician,” and “contact lens fitter” (and any titles derived thereof, such as “student optician,” “optical dispenser,” or “dispenser”) are reserved titles. In addition, contact lens fitting and automated refracting are restricted activities. Anyone wishing to practice opticianry, identify with these titles, and/or conduct restricted activities in BC is required to register with COBC. 

Becoming an Optician

The following opticianry programs are accredited; this means they are recognized by COBC and NACOR as providing adequate training for the purpose of becoming licensed to practice in BC:

The following institutions outside of BC also offer accredited programs:

NOTE: Accredited programs must be completed in full.

Once you have successfully completed an accredited opticianry program, the next step is writing the national licensing examination(s)