Registrant Information

Licensed Optician: Regulated vision care professionals who follow the highest standard of care and are extensively trained to understand your daily vision needs to dispense eye wear that best suits your health and lifestyle. Licensed Opticians follow a Code of Ethics and are accountable for their products and services.
Being licensed is a commitment to a regulated profession and shows membership in a field of regulated health professionals. This professional status comes with associated obligations to the public that you care for, like following a standard of care and pursuing continuing competency development. Only Licensed Opticians can use the protected title “Optician” and perform restricted activities, like automated refraction and contact lens fitting. As a Licensed Optician, the public will be able to find you on the College’s online registry; can trust that you adhere to the College’s Standards of Practice, Bylaws and Code of Ethics; and hold you accountable for your services. Regulation provides support for professionalism.  
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