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What is renewal?
Registrants must renew their licensure annually in order to remain in good standing with COBC. During the annual renewal period, registrants are asked to review their personal information on file, update any out-of-date documentation, and pay their licensing fees for the coming year.

When does renewal happen?
COBC licences expire on March 31 each year. The same expiration date applies to all registrants, regardless of initial registration date.
The online renewal portal is typically open for about 6–7 weeks. Registrants can renew their licensure any time from mid-February through until March 31.

How much does renewal cost?
COBC’s fee schedule can be found here. The amount due during renewal is the annual licensing fee.

What are the requirements for renewal?
Each registrant must submit an online renewal application and pay the applicable fees before the March 31 deadline. The process can be completed entirely online, through the COBC portal. (The RENEWAL tab is only accessible to registrants during the annual renewal period.) COBC’s Renewal Guidebook explains the steps to complete the process.
A registrant can only renew their licence if their Continuing Competency Program is up to date.

What happens after March 31?
A registrant who has not completed their renewal by the March 31 deadline may be eligible for late renewal during the month of April. Until April 30, eligible registrants can renew by submitting the online renewal application and paying the applicable fees—including a late renewal fee.
At the end of the late renewal period, registrants who have not completed renewal are suspended.

What are the consequences of suspension?
A suspended registrant is considered unlicensed. These individuals cannot use protected titles (“optician,” “contact lens fitter,” or any title derived thereof) or perform restricted opticianry activities (contact lens fittings, independent automated refractions) in BC. Their names no longer appear on COBC’s Public Register, and they must return their Certificates of Registration to COBC.
A reinstatement fee applies to any suspended individual wishing to return to licensure. Additional assessments may be required to ensure their competency at the time of reinstatement.

For more information about renewal, visit our FAQ.