File a Complaint

How to File a Complaint about an Optician
We accept complaints about the conduct or competence of an optician from patients, their families, employers, or colleagues. 
When you have a concern about an optician’s practice, we recommend:
We understand that you will not always be able to resolve your concern. COBC is responsible for ensuring opticians follow standards that are set for safe, ethical and competent patient care. When an optician’s conduct does not meet that standard, COBC is responsible for taking action. 
Since we follow a model of self-regulation we rely on complaints from the public, and other organizations to follow-up on conduct when it occurs. We do not monitor optical stores, or opticians to ensure compliance. 
Submitting a complaint:
Complaints must be submitted in writing. Upon request, we may accept oral complaints. You may wish to send in supporting documentation. Please send all supporting documentation to us by email, fax, or mail. Complaints must describe a specific concern about the conduct or competence an individual optician. 
Preparing your complaint:
The form must include:
  • Your name, address, phone number and/or email where you can be reached, and preferred method of contact.
  • The name of the optician about whom you are making the complaint. If you don’t know the optician’s name, we may be able to assist you to take steps to identify the optician.
  • The location where you experienced the issue. 
Details of the complaint:
In order for us to investigate your complaint, we require specific details about what happened. For example:
  1. What did the optician do to cause you concern? Please be as specific as possible in describing what took place. 
  2. When did the incident(s) occur?
  3. If you took steps to resolve the concern, please provide the name of anyone you spoke to.
  4. What your ideal outcome is. 
How to submit your complaint:
Send your complaint and supporting documentation to us by:
 Fax: (604) 742-6473
 Mail: 900 – 200 Granville Street, Vancouver BC, V6C 1S4
If you have any questions or require assistance filling out the complaint form, call: (604) 240-6620 or email: