Public Notices

This page is where you will find public information related to complaints made to COBC about the conduct of Licensed Opticians in BC.

​​​​​The majority of complaints are resolved through a consensual resolution process. The process results in a formal, legal agreement between a registrant and COBC (approved by the Inquiry Committee). Each agreement outlines the action that the optician has agreed to take to address the issue or issues identified during the investigation process.​​

Click on a registrant’s name to view notice.

Registrant Name & Licence NumberTypeYear of Notice
Shena Storness-Bliss (#2337)Undertaking2023
Mahmood Savji (#1894)Consent Agreement2021
Charles Cheung (#939)Undertaking2020
Tom Hoedeman (#1012)Consent Agreement2020
William Lougheed (#950)Press Release2015
Steve Wiens (#1334)Undertaking2015
Stacey Wiens (#1333)Undertaking2015