Unauthorized Use of Title

Unauthorized Use of Title
The following are reserved titles protected by law in British Columbia:
“Dispensing Optician”
“Contact Lens Fitter”
Only qualified health professionals can legally use these titles in BC. In addition, only qualified health professionals can use these titles as part of any term or description used to describe themselves.
Health professionals who are entitled to use these titles are registered with COBC. They have met rigorous registration requirements, and they have passed a national registration examination. They are regulated under the Health Professions Act, the Opticians Regulation, and the College’s Bylaws. They must demonstrate continued competence and meet standards of practice and standards of professional ethics to ensure that they practice safely, effectively, and ethically.
Reporting unauthorized title use:
Anyone who is aware of an unauthorized person using a reserved title can submit a report to the College online. 
Because this type of report concerns individuals who are not registrants of the College, COBC will accept anonymous reports of unauthorized title use.
To report of concern or for more information contact us.