The College of Opticians regulates and improves the Opticianry* practice by ensuring Licensed Opticians provide high quality, competent and professional care to help people achieve better vision.
The College was established in 1994 and has a duty to serve and protect the public, as well as to exercise its powers and fulfill its responsibilities in the public interest. One of the main roles of self-regulating health professions is ensuring comprehensive life long competency programs are in place to ensure that members remain current with changing technology and are able to adapt to increased service demands of the health care consumer.
Professionals ensuring safe, quality vision care for all.
Regulating qualified competent Licensed Opticians in the public interest.
1. Professional: ensuring registrants fulfill the standards of practice and code of ethics.
2. Innovative: constantly improving opticianry competencies and  increasing technological advancements.
3. Safety: ensuring registrants deliver quality, safe vision care.
4. Integrity: honest, credible and trustworthy at all times.
5. Dedicated: passionately committed to vigilant regulation of vision care services.
* A health profession in which a person provides the services of dispensing vision appliances, conducting automated refractions and promoting eye health and proper use of vision appliances.