Update: Board Appointment

In late 2021, COBC had announced two upcoming Board vacancies and had sought nominations from licensed Contact Lens Fitters (in any B.C. region), and from registrants in the Okanagan & Kootenays region.

Marty Semaniuk, current Contact Lens Fitter on the Board, sought re-election as a Contact Lens Fitter, and with no other nominations received by the deadline, was re-appointed for a second term, beginning 2022.

As COBC did not receive nominations for the second Board position, the Board looked to appoint someone to fill this vacancy. Any registrant, in any B.C. region who was interested in this appointment could apply. Two registrants expressed an interest in this vacancy, and their applications were reviewed by the COBC Governance Working Group for consideration. A recommendation was made to the Board during their February 3, 2022 Board Meeting, with the Board appointing Crystal Pollard to fill the vacancy for a three-year term, as of 2022.

COBC is pleased to have Marty return for his second term, and welcomes Crystal to the Board!