Update: Board Vacancies

The College will be holding an election in December, 2018, to fill one of the vacancies on the COBC Board of Directors. Two contact lens fitters have been nominated for election to the Board; Erik Bucaneg and Martin Semaniuk. All registrants who are eligible to vote may do so online in December, and will receive more information and instructions prior to the start of the election.

As the College did not receive nominations for the second Board position, from registrants in the Okanagan & Kootenays area, the Directors will be looking to appoint someone to the Board to fill this second vacancy. Any registrant in BC who is interested in this appointment may apply by sending their resume to the College for the Board’s review and consideration. 
Professional regulation is evolving so the College is seeking new Board members who are innovative, willing to adapt in an ever-changing environment, and deeply care about public safety. No specific past Board experience is required and training will be provided. Successful Board members have knowledge and skills in areas like leadership, strategy, stakeholder relations, decision-making, finance, and of course professional regulation. In addition, it is important that Board members are professional, performance-oriented, and are aware of self and others.
If you have any questions, or would like more information about the role, please contact the College office at (604) 742-6472 or cdodge@cobc.ca.