What we learned about Continuing Competency

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Continuing Competency Workshops in Kelowna, Richmond, Prince George, Victoria and Nanaimo. 
The workshops were meant to help introduce the new program to registrants and teach them about the process. During the workshops, we learned a lot about the needs of our registrants as well.
Here’s what we learned:
  • Registrants want reassurance that the program is meant as an educational tool not a method of punishment.
  • Registrants want technical support for the upcoming changes.
  • Registrants want examples of learning goals and plans based on different practice models. 
  • Registrants in small communities want to ensure access to educational activities.
  • Registrants want clarity on whether or not they need to finish their current cycle.
  • Registrants want to ensure access to courses and activities in order to meet learning goals.
  • Registrants want us to help education providers understand what education to offer based on community needs. 
COBC is dedicated to providing the support that registrants require. 
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